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Colt Black, member of Frederick County Republican Central Committee enters Board of Education race

   Colt Black, elected member of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee has resigned as treasurer to announce his bid for the Board of Education race.

  Colt is a lifelong Frederick County resident along with his wife of 14 years, Micheala, and their three children all of whom attend schools within Frederick County. Colt is the owner of Black’s Funeral Home, as well as the Acacia Society (a cremation only service). He holds numerous certifications in public health and safety from the University of Maryland Fire Rescue Institute and is also owner of Blue Star EMS, a private ambulance service.

   Colt feels that his knowledge of fiscal responsibility as a multi-business owner and his decades of service in public health and fire safety is not only what the Board of Education needs, but also what students and parents deserve. “Our students deserve a realistic educational foundation that provides not only life skills but understanding of how to use such skills; while the taxpayer deserves to be sure their money is being spent responsibly. I know I can help us to achieve both” says Colt. To follow his campaign or for more information visit

Friends of Colt Black, Authority Grant P. Johnson, Treasurer
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